HP Helion Review

26/05/2014 // 0 Comments

Couple of days ago, HP Helion is announced and I posted that I will take a look at it. I found some time to test it and here is review. I will try to compare it with pure Openstack by explaining the installation steps with my comments.  A  – Before doing anything. When I am reading the documentation of Helion, I was hoping that it will be easy process and does not depend lost of weird things. Firstly, You need to have a physical computer in order to install HP Helion. There will be created 4 virtual machines at first, so you need to have minimum of 16 GB Memory and Virtualization enabled CPU. The disk size should be minimum of 80 GB just for test. After installation of the system,  it consumed 74 GB of my hard drive. It is obvious that a physical server needed for this setup, because 4 virtual servers will be created in it. My hopes was to install them directly to OS as a package. The second thing is that your physical server’s OS needs to be Ubuntu 13.10 or 14.04. HP wrote that it can support others but not tested. I installed on 14.04, unfortunately it comes with biosdevname package, because of that this package interface card’s name renamed to p1px which Helion does not support. As documentation mentioned I needed to replace card names to eth name template. HP put all system in a 4GB sized compressed file, it includes  4 virtual machine disks, and scripts to start them. These virtual machines are: Seed, Undercloud, Overcloud Controller, Overcloud Compute. Typical TripleO setup. If you have a different network and do not have networking skills or rights on hardware, you need to install a desktop environment on your physical server in order to connect to the dashboard. I suggest to install lxde and […]

HP Helion is out!

22/05/2014 // 0 Comments

HP’s new “cloud product” Helion is announced. It is actually “nearly pure” Openstack. HP says that it is optimized, stabilized, simplified distribution of Openstack built for enterprise solution. Additionally, it is completely free product. If you want, you can buy support from HP. Here is some points to mention: Unfortunately, it has limitations. You can use the product up to 30 host and 600 instances. It does not have hardware dependency. It will be upgradable, automated and live. It is for private cloud only. It is based on Openstack Icehouse. It’s nodes are based HP Linux host OS. I will test this product soon, and share my opinions about it. Source: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/cloud/hphelion-openstack-community.html Source: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/cloud/helion-overview.html