I am a Superuser***

15/05/2014 // 0 Comments

*** Openstack Superuser Jonathan Bryce the executive Director of the Openstack Foundation announced the Superuser Publication. Here is the full-text of the welcome message on the Superuser site: Today we live in a software-defined economy. I’m not describing an IT trend, mind you. The things we are working on in this community are of higher-order value. Software today is a business issue — a fiscal issue, even. It is a competitive issue. It is a strategic issue. It is an existential issue. Any organization’s ability to do great things with software is arguably its core competence, no matter the industry, vertical, or category. What’s more, every business is now competing with a startup, like it or not, and know it or not. Speed and agility are the new table stakes. Being “big,” whether literally or figuratively, carries greater risk than ever. In a software-defined economy we should be able to be big and small at the same time, canonical and nimble in equal turns, without pause or remorse. In fact, agility reduces the cost of experimentation, lowering risk and likewise cost. In the software-defined economy we are able to determine what’s valuable more quickly than ever. We decided to name the new OpenStack publication “Superuser” because superusers make their organizations competitive in a software-defined economy. Superusers are change agents who enable their organizations to build deeply strategic software. Superusers are uniquely effective because they understand the power of great software in context. Superusers aren’t exclusively users of OpenStack, of course. They deploy a large toolbox in service of technological progress, and that’s a great thing. OpenStack is a part of their story, but not all of it. What else makes a superuser a superuser? Superusers are not just assembly-line IT workers. They are key players in the growth of their […]